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Joining forces for sustainable signage solutions.

Lamont Print & Signs have teamed up with Corex Group to reduce, reuse and recycle to make more sustainable Corflute® products for tomorrow!

At Lamont Print & Signs, we use Corflute® as it contains a proprietary twin wall profile polypropylene sheet, which means it is superior to other similar products due to its printability, durability, wettability, reusability, and recyclability.

If you’ve purchased Corflute® from us and are looking to recycle your used products, we’d love to help.

All it takes is three easy steps:

  1. Make sure all contaminants are removed.
  2. Tightly compact all your used Corflute®.
  3. Drop off your load to Lamont Print & Signs – 30 Casey Stret, Aitkenvale.

Prepare your Corflute® products for recycling.

1. Remove all contaminants.

Contaminants are materials added to Corflute® other than direct-print ink. If your artwork has been printed by us directly onto Corflute®, with none of the below, then chances are you have a contaminant-free product.

Contaminants to remove include:

  • PVC laminates
  • Acrylic pockets
  • Paper
  • Tapes and glues
  • Plastic and metal eyelets
  • Cable ties (used to attached to fences/poles)
  • Timber stakes (used to support Corflute® signs)

2. Compact your load.

Whether you’re dropping off off-cuts or larger Corflute® signage, please make sure that you condense all your waste into a pile that is easy for you to transport. This may include flattening all Corflute® products.

Condensing your waste also assists us in making sure that we are maximising space in our recycling bins to make more recycled Corflute® in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

3. Drop-off.

Monday – Thursday
8.30am – 3pm

30 Casey Street, Aitkenvale, Townsville.

Remember, all Corflute® waste must be contaminant free.


Only Corflute® which has been supplied by Lamont Print & Signs can be included in this recycling program – as we are the largest supplier in Northern Queensland of Corflute®, chances are your Corflute® can be recycled with us. Just get in contact with us to make sure that the product you are wanting to drop off is Corflute®.

Another reason we need to make sure that only Corflute® is being returned for this program, is so that we can ensure that every piece of Corflute® being sent to the recycling facility is made of 100% recyclable materials, while also reducing the time taken to quality control each of the recycling bins.


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