What do we do?

We pride ourselves on offering a large range of services. Some of these include:

  • Large Format Digital Printing (Largest in North QLD)
  • Shipping Container Wraps
  • Billboard Skins
  • Banner Mesh (also known as builders’ fence mesh)
  • Billboard Construction
  • Banners
  • Flags (large orders)
  • Real Estate Marketing Supplies
  • Digital Wallpaper
  • Floor Graphics
If you’re looking for something that is not listed above, please get in contact with the team today and we’ll see what we can do for you. 

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Used correctly, acoustic tiles can minimise your workplace noise problems while upgrading the impact on visitors and increasing your team’s productivity.

Almost every workplace has an area where noise and negatively impact on the environment, and therefore the people working in it.

​In large open areas you can apply full wall panels (with custom printing to maximise the impact for your business or organization) – to control the reverberation and echo effects as seen below.

With Autex Acoustic Panels you can also have the panels custom cut to any shape and size so you can apply the panels to any location for a great effect. For example, placing panels on the walls of our tea room made a massive difference to the ambience (and confidentiality!) of the room. The same principles apply to offices and meeting rooms.

​Within any group of people in a meeting, there is always a large variation in the voice of the participants. Some speak softly while others deliver with powerful and enthusiastic voices that may be heard in the adjoining spaces and corridors. These panels give you the ability to “mop up” excess noise – in most rooms. This means you get to control the environment and deliver a “quality” perception to your clients while helping your team with productivity.

Lamont Signs has the ability to custom print almost any artwork you can imagine onto Autex Panels (check out the video above), and shape the panels to fit your design needs. A simple example of this would be putting your logo onto an acoustic panel for mounting behind your reception desk.

​There is a great range of panels you can use as part of your design. Many architects are now specifying acoustic panels with either custom printing or with standard variations like the Timber Finish panels.

Quality and Service is Our Promise to You.

Billboards, banners and skins were the primary products Lamont Print and Signs designed the initial purchase of the HP latex 1500 to produce, firstly in-house and now servicing Queensland from Gladstone in the south, to Port Douglas in the north and west to Mt Isa.

​The banner we use is quality 500gsm banner which has a warranty of 3yrs. Print resolution is 600dpi regardless of image, and 2 pack coating is available if extended longevity is required beyond 3 yrs.

​Try us and you will be pleased with the best quality results and fastest turnaround that we pride ourselves on producing.


Banners form a staple part of the worldwide advertising market. Here at Lamont Print and Sign we print locally, banners for the billboard, display and retail markets.

From the 2 HP Latex 1500 printers, we produce 600 dpi Hi resolution prints onto 500 gsm premium banner stock up to 3.2m wide. The banner is warranted for 3 yrs and the ink for 2 years.

Finishing is done in house so edging with Kedar, rope, rod pockets, hems and eyelets are all possible and performed by our team of finishing professionals.

Most jobs are printed and dispatched in 48 hrs meaning a fast delivery for your project.

The HP Latex 1500’s have a feature that makes DOUBLE SIDED BANNER printing a breeze and so display banners onto 600 gsm blockout material are a specialty of ours. Just ask the team for info on finishing these to suit your needs.


The climate can be tough on signage in Queensland. 2 pack coating is one way to extend and protect the printed banner when extended life is required.

This industrial grade coating adds 72 hrs to the production time, however extends up to 50% the life of the banner and ink and is available in Gloss and Matt finish.

The gloss coating can add an anti graffiti protection when required.

This coating has been used in mining applications to prevent penetration of coal dust into the surface of banners used underground or in extreme locations.

CLICK HERE to view examples of our extensive range of previous jobs.

Just let our team know of your requirements and we will be happy to customise the product to your needs.

Call Stephen on 0402 917 667 or use the contact form.

Vinyl Banner Mesh Signage is perfect for building and construction site fences.

Fence mesh, Scrim, Fence wrap, Building Wrap, Construction Fence Mesh are all words used to discribe one of Australia’s fastest growing wide format product lines. Used for building site marking, event signage, bulk signage applications. Perforations in the vinyl mesh banner material allows air to easily flow through.

Lamont Fence Banner Mesh Signage Includes:

  • 48 Hour turn around. Premium custom printed fence mesh. Fast delivery from Townsville.
  • Choice of Standard or High-Res mesh (See Below)
  • Standard sizes 1600 or 1800mm, Custom sizes (to 3 meters high)
  • Perfect solution for temporary outdoor signage
  • Looks fantastic on temporary scaffolding and fencing
  • Perfect branding – Construction sites, Property Development, Car Yards and Events
  • Well finished with reinforced, welded edging, quality eyelets for fast and simple installation using rope, wire ties or cable ties
  • Located in Townsville for faster delivery to regional Qld
  • Raise the image and identification of your site while reducing dust and pollution. Privacy is improved.
  • Suitable for installation on temp site fences, cyclone/security fencing and hoarding used in construction.
  • Lamont is a major manufacturer in Queensland which means you get custom printed fence mesh in the size you need – from a single fence panel to 5 kilometers long. (Airports and large civil projects)
  • Our mesh can be rolled and stored, ready to be re-used if needed. Rolled mesh banners are light and easy to handle.

What can you make with wide format digital printing?

Large or wide format printing is relatively new but rapidly evolving technology that produces full colour printing. There is a maximum set width (unless you have joins), but the length of the project job can be 50 or 100 metres long. This means you can print an enormous variety of high quality signs and prints. Including:

  • Billboards & Buses
  • Wall & Floor Graphics
  • Window Graphics
  • Signage
  • Vinyl Stickers
  • Large Posters
  • Construction and Fence Mesh Signage
  • Flags & Fabric
  • Lightboxes
  • Hoarding Graphics in Shopping Centres
  • Canvas & Art
  • Corflute signs
  • ACM Panels (Aluminium Composite Material)
  • Banners! (Mesh banners, A-frame signs, Hanging banners, Pull-up banners, Fabric Display Walls, and more!]

And with our powerful signage manufacturing centre in Townsville, you have your print done on almost any material. This includes canvas, plastic, fabric, foam, metal, perspex, glass, mesh, corflute, vinyl and more!

​Lamont Is Regional Queensland’s Leading Wide Format Print Manufacturer.

Lamont Print and Sign can print for your project when extra speed and delivery is required to get your large jobs done on time.

Using our HP Latex 570, 800 and HP Latex 1500 printers, hundreds of meters can be printed daily to match your deadlines. All prints are 600 dpi and use a 6 colour process to give unmatched colour reproduction with added bonus of being able be handled or laminated immediately.

With Lamont, you get the fastest turnaround of wide format print projects. Printing onto self-adhesive materials can be performed on any of our 3 dedicated Latex printers to achieve amazing speed of delivery for you.

All of the printers feature 600 dpi resolution using a 6 colour process. Width is up to 1500mm onto selected products and Latex ink is dry immediately upon printing so finishing can be performed straight away.

White ink is also an option onto clear materials that make local production of point-of-sale specialty products a breeze. Latex 1500 printers can also print dual rolls simultaneously if insane speeds are required.


Flatbed printing onto PVC, Corflute, Foamcore and other rigid materials is something we love to do. Whether large or small projects, we can produce these using the UV HP550 flatbed to meet your project deadline.

Using the Kongsberg cutting table we can also cut to shape so your imagination is the limit when designing you next retail display, POS or site signs.

​Lamont Print and Sign can print for your project when extra speed and delivery is required to get your large jobs done on time.

Using our HP Latex 570, 800 and HP Latex 1500 printers, hundreds of meters can be printed daily to match your deadlines. All prints are 600 dpi and use a 6 colour process to give unmatched colour reproduction with added bonus of being able be handled or laminated immediately.


Your business can have impact. It can have a unique excitement. Your first impression leads to your next impression. Your building can exclaim your presence to the world – or it can blend in with mediocrity. You choose, we can help.


Communicate by choice, not by omission. What do your promotional materials say about you? Faded, sagging, sad and lame? Powerful, energetic, emotive and inspiring?

You choose, we can help.


Construction site fencing can be an amazing promotional tool for builders and civil contractors. And the right fencing will make or break your event or marketing promotion. Your ROI on site signage is exhilarating!


Can you tell a dynamic, category leading business just by checking out their displays, their signage, their promotions, their menus? You know you can. Impact and energy drive conversions. Custom shaped signage? We can help you with that…

​One area of expertise is Custom Shaped Stickers for use in retail, service businesses, businesses with any equipment, in any shape with options of permanent, waterproof, and so on.

​Check out the wonderful impact that custom printed acoustic panels can have in your business or organization. Why Custom Printed Acoustic Panels Should Be Mandatory.

​Preferred supplier for sign trade, graphic artists, project manager and marketing companies.


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